Plan a Big Party? Find Out How Many Pizzas for 60 People?

Planning a gathering where pizza is the star of the menu can be as exciting as it is daunting, especially when it comes to estimating the right amount to satisfy a large group. In our comprehensive guide titled “How Many Pizzas for 60 People?” we delve into the essential considerations and expert strategies to ensure your event is a resounding success, with not a single guest left hungry. This article isn’t just about numbers; it’s a masterclass in event planning, portion control, and understanding human appetite, all through the universally loved medium of pizza.

Pre-Party Planning

Planning ahead is crucial for a smooth, successful pizza party. Advance preparation allows the host to customize the event and anticipate potential needs or issues.

Understanding Your Audience

The guest list shapes many pizza party details. Factors like ages, dietary restrictions and preferences determine optimal menu options, activities, and more.


Adults often appreciate diverse gourmet pizza toppings and variety. Plan on ordering specialty pizzas in addition to classics like pepperoni or cheese. Adults may also enjoy beer, wine, or cocktails paired with pizza.


Stick with kid-friendly toppings like cheese, pepperoni, and sausage for young guests. Offer pizza with lighter tomato sauce and less cheese to accommodate picky eaters. Consider ordering a plain cheese pizza for the safest bet.

Dietary Restrictions

Ask guests about dietary needs like gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian in advance. Order pizzas that cater to these diets. Label customized pizzas clearly.

Estimating Quantities

Over-ordering pizzas leads to waste, while under-ordering leaves guests hungry. Use these tips to buy the right amount of pizza:

  • Adults: 2-3 slices per person
  • Kids: 1-2 slices per child depending on age
  • Leftovers: Order a couple extra pizzas

Build in wiggle room for big eaters and to account for leftovers being unlikely.

Choosing Toppings

Think about crowd-pleasing favorites, as well as unique, diverse options. Create a topping bar for customization.

Classic Favorites

Stick to popular meats like pepperoni, sausage, bacon. For veggies, mushrooms, onions, peppers are safe bets. Extra cheese is always good.

Unique Options

Get creative with proteins like prosciutto, chicken, or shrimp. Try fun veggies like spinach, pineapple, jalapeños, or olives.


Ordering tons of pizza gets pricey. Use these tips to keep costs down:

  • Take advantage of deals like 2-for-1 pizzas or discounted carryout orders.
  • Opt for cheaper styles like cheese or pepperoni to supplement specialty pizzas.
  • Buy store-bought salad, garlic knots, or cookies for cheaper sides and dessert.
  • Pitch in with others to split the bill if sharing with friends.

Pizza Selection and Ordering

Choosing the right pizzas for your group takes some strategy. Follow this advice for seamless ordering.

Pizza Sizes

Consider pizza diameters, slice counts, and budgets below to select size(s):

Size Diameter Slices Budget
Personal 6″ 2-4 $5-10
Small 8-10″ 4-6 $10-15
Medium 12″ 6-8 $15-20
Large 14-16′′ 8-12 $20-25
Extra Large 18′′+ 10-16+ $25+

Mix and match sizes to suit appetites and variety. Lean towards more medium and large.

How Many Pizzas for 60 People?

For a group of 60 people, order 23 pizzas using the formula: number of guests x 3 / 8 = pizzas needed.

Ordering for Groups

For large groups:

  • Order from multiple pizza places for faster delivery.
  • Assign someone as the point person to coordinate orders and payments.
  • Have pizzas arrive 15-30 minutes apart so no food gets cold.
  • Add salads, sides, or desserts from a grocery store while waiting for pizza.

Global Pizza Flavors

Amp up variety with international flavors like:

  • Greek – feta, spinach, olives, roasted red peppers
  • Thai – peanut sauce, chicken, basil, mozzarella
  • Indian – tikka masala sauce, chicken tikka, cilantro
  • Mexican – chorizo, black beans, pork carnitas, queso fresco

Interactive Party Elements

how many pizzas for 60 people

Incorporate activities for guests to customize and engage with pizza-making.

DIY Pizza Bar

Offer a topping bar with:

  • Assorted sauces like red, pesto, ranch, barbecue
  • Meats, veggies, cheeses, herbs
  • Sauces like crushed red pepper, parmesan, oregano

Provide pizza peels, flour, and pans for DIY pizzas. Make individual pizzas interactive.

Personalized Pizzas

Give each guest a mini pizza dough ball to roll out and top as they wish. Or, set up pizza assembly stations with ingredients and tools.

Logistics and Setup

A well-organized setup and serving area keeps things running smoothly.

Arranging Your Space

  • Set up buffet-style tables for pizzas with plates, napkins, and utensils nearby.
  • Include a beverage station with drinks and cups within reach.
  • Place trash and recycling bins in easily accessible spots.
  • Consider party zones for eating, activities, mingling, and more.

Keeping Pizzas Warm

  • Preheat your oven on low (200°F) to keep ordered pizzas warm.
  • Ask for insulating delivery bags or a hot bag for carryout orders.
  • Serve pizzas on wire racks to allow air flow and maintain temperature.

Health and Safety

Proper food safety and hygiene practices ensure guests can indulge worry-free.

Food Safety

  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling food.
  • Refrigerate perishable ingredients like meats or cut veggies before use.
  • Ensure staff wears gloves when serving to avoid direct hand contact.
  • Display ingredient labels clearly for allergy awareness.

Health Protocols

Follow current public health guidance:

  • Provide hand sanitizer and encourage hand washing.
  • Maintain physical distancing with outdoor or spaced seating.
  • Recommend masks per local requirements.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces frequently.

During the Party

During the Party

Keep the focus on fun and building connections over delicious pizza.

Serving Tips

  • Replenish pizzas frequently to ensure hot, fresh slices.
  • Refill drinks often and refresh ice.
  • Circulate to check on guests and offer to refresh empty plates and cups.


Consider beverage pairings:

  • Soda – classic for kids.
  • Beer – complements meat or veggie pizzas.
  • Wine – red with savory pizzas, white with veggie.
  • Lemonade – refreshing with summery fruit pizzas.


End on a high note by handling the wrap-up smoothly.

Managing Leftovers

  • Send guests home with leftover slices or pizzas.
  • Refrigerate and reuse within 3-4 days.
  • Freeze pizzas for longer storage. Reheat later.
  • Repurpose toppings and crusts for pizza salads, casseroles, breadsticks.

Cleaning Up

  • Bus tables, consolidate trash bags, wash serving tools.
  • Store unused ingredients and label for future use.
  • Take down decorations and displays.
  • Tackle spills and messes sooner than later.

Additional Tips

Integrate these extra pointers for an optimal party.

Eco-Friendly Strategies

  • Order recyclable aluminum pizza pans.
  • Provide composting if available.
  • Use real dishes instead of disposable.
  • Avoid single-use plastic cups, plates, utensils.

Capturing Memories

  • Assign someone as party photographer to document fun moments.
  • Use a photo booth prop or frame for cute pictures.
  • Share photos online or send to guests post-party.

Emergency Prep

  • Keep a first aid kit on hand just in case.
  • Have backup food, beverages, plates, napkins.
  • Know contact info for vendors or nearby pharmacies.
  • Assign a crisis point person.

Conclusion: How Many Pizzas For 60 People?

With the right combination of crowd-pleasing pizzas, fun activities, safety precautions, and creative touches, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable pizza party. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy quality time with your guests while you set the stage for meaningful memories in the making.