Let’s learn 7 difference of Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed & more

Pizza is one of the world’s oldest and most-loved foods which means there are a lot of opinions out there on what type of pizza you should buy. For this blog post, we’ll be comparing and exploring two popular types: Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed pizza. By taking a closer look at both options, we can learn more about their differences in texture, taste, and other factors to help you make an informed decision when it comes to satisfying that next pizza craving. Read on as we dive into all things related to pan pizza vs hand tossed!

What is a Pan pizza?

Experience the deliciousness of pan pizza! This delectable deep-dish dish comes in several mouthwatering forms, from Italian tomato pie to Chicago style and Detroit Style. But its most recognizable form may be Pizza Hut’s popular take on it: a thick crust that gets fried and crispy around the edges thanks to an oil coating for added flavor. Enjoy this scrumptious treat today!

A Pan pizza
A Pan pizza

What is a Hand-Tossed pizza?

Hand-tossed pizza is a thin crust that is stretched and tossed by hand for an even consistency. It’s the classic style of pizza you’re likely used to seeing at traditional Italian restaurants or popular chains like Domino’s. The thin, crispy crust makes this light snack perfect for picky eaters and those who want a lighter option. Enjoy!

Is Pan pizza the same as Hand-Tossed pizza?

For pizza aficionados, the difference between a hand-tossed and pan crust is like night and day. The former results in a thin, crispy texture while the latter offers up thick doughy goodness with bubbly pockets of air that make your tastebuds soar! Enjoy them both to get creative culinary satisfaction!

Is Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed pizza any difference in taste and crust?

Yes! Pan pizza has a thicker, crunchier crust which gives it a heftier and more filling flavor. On the other hand, hand-tossed pizza is much thinner and crispy, giving it a lighter, airy texture. Ultimately, the choice between pan vs hand tossed really comes down to personal preference. Both offer deliciousness, but pan pizza will fill you up more.

The difference between Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed pizza

Here is the differences between Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed pizza:

The difference in preparation

Pan pizza is made by spreading the dough in a pan and drizzling oil over it to create a crunchy outer layer. Hand tossed pizza is made by stretching, tossing, and spinning the dough by hand for an even consistency.

The difference in texture

Pan pizza has a thicker, crunchier crust due to the oil which gives it a heavier, more filling flavor. Hand-tossed pizza has a thinner and crispier crust resulting in a lighter and airy texture.

The difference in taste

Pan pizza typically has a richer flavor due to the oil which saturates the dough. Hand tossed pizza usually has less cheese as compared to pan pizza, but it still offers a delicious flavor.

The difference in taste of Pan pizza and Hand Tossed pizza
The difference in taste of Pan pizza and Hand Tossed pizza

Difference of crust

The pan pizza crust is thicker due to the pan it’s baked in, which also gives it a crunchier texture. The hand tossed pizza crust is thinner and doesn’t get as much air exposure while baking, resulting in a softer and less crispy texture.

The difference of toppings

Pan pizza often has a thicker layer of toppings as compared to hand tossed pizza, which is typically topped with just a few ingredients.

Different temperature for baking

Pan pizza is typically baked at a higher temperature for a longer period of time compared to hand tossed pizza. This allows the pan pizza to cook more evenly and gives it a crunchier crust.

Differences in eating methods

Pan pizza is usually served in slices while hand tossed pizza is cut into small, bite-sized pieces.

Knowing the differences between pan pizza and hand tossed pizza will certainly help you make an informed decision when it comes to satisfying that next pizza craving. With pan pizzas having a thicker, crunchier crust with richer flavor, or hand-tossed pizzas with a thinner, crispier crust and lighter flavor, the choice is up to you! Enjoy your pan pizza or hand-tossed pizza today!

Do Pan pizza and Hand Tossed pizza use the same dough?

Enjoy your favorite pizzas made with delectable dough, crafted from a blend of high-quality all-purpose flour and yeast that is coaxed to life with warm water. Salt and olive oil adds the finishing touch so you can savor every delicious bite!

Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed pizza which is better?

Looking for that delightful crunch with your pizza indulgence? Opting for a pan-style crust is the way to go – it’s fried in oil, giving it golden crispiness! And don’t worry about running out of space – this type of thin crust can accommodate all kinds of delicious toppings. Hand-tossed pizzas are also an option if you prefer softer textures but still crave that scrumptious crispy finish.

Pan pizza recipe at home

Making pan pizza at home is easy and requires only a few ingredients – all-purpose flour, yeast, warm water, salt, and olive oil. First mix together the warm water, yeast, and some of the flour until it forms a thick paste. Then add in the remaining flour and salt while kneading on a lightly floured countertop until the dough is smooth and elastic. Finally, shape the dough into a pan and spread it evenly with your fingertips. Drizzle olive oil over it and bake at 425°F for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Homemade Hand Tossed pizza recipe

Making hand tossed pizza at home is just as easy! Combine warm water, yeast, and all-purpose flour until it forms a dough. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured countertop and knead until it is smooth and elastic. Then form the dough into a ball and let rest for 10 minutes. After resting, stretch the dough out with your hands or use a rolling pin to thin it out. Sprinkle a pan or baking sheet with cornmeal and place the dough on top. Top with your favorite ingredients and bake at 425°F for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown!

The Hand Tossed pizza recipe
The Hand Tossed pizza recipe

Tips for making the perfect Pan pizza and Hand Tossed pizza

Making pan pizza and hand tossed pizza can be a breeze with the right tips!

  • For pan pizza, it is important to make sure the pan you are using is evenly greased so that it does not stick. You should also pre-bake the crust for 8-10 minutes before adding your toppings to ensure a crispy texture.
  • To make sure your hand tossed pizza is light and airy, try tossing it in the air with a gentle spin to give it that classic thin crust. Additionally, for either pan or hand tossed pizza, be sure to preheat your oven ahead of time so your pizzas come out perfectly cooked every time!

Conclusion: Pan pizza vs Hand Tossed

Pan pizza vs hand tossed pizza are both delicious Italian favorites, each with their own unique characteristics. Whether you prefer pan pizzas with a thick, crunchy crust or thin and crispy hand-tossed pizzas, the decision is ultimately up to you! Whichever type of pizza you choose, just make sure to follow these tips so that you can enjoy the perfect pan pizza or hand-tossed pizza every time.

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FAQ: pan pizza vs hand tossed

Is pan pizza thicker than hand tossed?

Enjoy a handcrafted pizza experience with the deliciously thin crust of Hand Tossed Pizza. With our dough, you can customize your own personal-sized pizza to create an unforgettable meal!

Which is better original pan or hand tossed pizza hut?

Pizza Hut’s Original Pan® and Hand Tossed Pizzas offer two unique flavors – one fluffy, thick crust versus a thinner, more-traditional option. Decide if you’re in the mood for an indulgent feast of texture or something closer to traditional pizza perfection.

Why does pan pizza taste better?

The buttery pan pizza is really something special! With its fluffy BP dough, savory sauce and two layers of cheese in between, each bite will be heavenly. And it’s all thanks to the generous addition of mouthwatering butter that gives this delicious creation a burst of flavor like no other.

Does a pan pizza have more toppings?

Pan pizzas offer a gourmet-style experience with the capacity to pile on more toppings than hand-tossed. One slice is like an all you can eat buffet of delicious sauces, cheeses, veggies and meats – giving your taste buds a flavor adventure! On the other hand (or should we say pizza!) hand tossed comes in lighter yet still tantalizing varieties thanks to its fewer topping options.

Is thin crust healthier than hand-tossed?

Make a better choice by going thin! With Papa John’s, you can cut 70 calories off of each large slice when selecting the thinner crust. For Domino’s fans out there, their large-sized options offer 60 less calories than regular hand-tossed slices – without sacrificing any deliciousness.

Is pan pizza base thick or thin?

At Roman’s Pizza, the choice is yours: indulgence or classic. Their deep pan pizzas provide a rich and decadent flavor like no other – only from these pizza specialists can you experience such an exquisite taste! Or if thin base is your preference, their traditional pizzas will satisfy your craving for that classic Italian-style pie. No matter what style of pizza gets your mouth watering, it’s alwaysl oaded with deliciousness when you choose Roman’s!

Is Domino’s pan pizza good?

Craving a pizza? Why not try Domino’s famed pan pies, renowned for their unique pastry-like texture and savory flavor. Every slice is freshly cut to ensure the highest quality experience – perfect for that special occasion!

Why use a pizza pan?

Pizza pans with holes guarantee a golden-brown, crunchy crust and help prevent against soggy slices. The number of tiny perforations along the bottom enhances air circulation for even cooking while also allowing moisture to ventilate so it doesn’t settle back into your pizza’s base!

Why is pan pizza so expensive?

When it comes to pizza, bigger really is better! Making a pan-style pie requires more time and effort than thinner crusts – so the price goes up accordingly. Decisions of thin or thick just got a lot harder…which will you choose?

Did Pizza Hut stop selling pan pizza?

In May 2019, Pizza Hut shook up their menu with the introduction of an all-new Original Pan Pizza! This updated classic was crafted to perfection – a new sauce, stringier cheese and crisper crust gave it that extra something special. Make sure you stop by to try out this delicious reimagining yourself!

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