How many calories in a Domino’s pizza? Tatospizza’s answers

Trying to stick to a healthy diet but still wanting to enjoy the occasional indulgence can be a tricky balancing act. If you’re like many of us, pizza might just be one of those treats that you’d like to savor from time-to-time — but what about if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake? You may already know that pizza is usually high in calories and fat, but not all pizzas are created equal. Breaking down the calorie content of Domino’s Pizza can help you plan ahead when it comes to enjoying a slice or two without overdoing it on calories. Let’s explore how many calories in a Domino’s pizza so that you can better manage your nutrition goals.

What is Domino’s pizza and its nutrition value?

Domino’s Pizza Inc. is a popular pizza restaurant chain that offers a variety of dining options to its customers. With a focus on delivery and carryout services, the company also provides the convenience of dining in its restaurants.

Understanding Domino's pizza and its nutrition value
Understanding Domino’s pizza and its nutrition value

Nutrition information per one slice of Domino’s 15 inch Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza is as follows: Total Calories– 270, Total Fat – 11g, Saturated Fat – 5g, Trans Fat – 0g, Cholesterol – 20 mg , Sodium – 550mg, Protein – 12g.

What is the calorie?

Calories, as a unit of energy, originated from the now-outdated caloric theory of heat. However, for historical reasons, two primary definitions of “calorie” are still used today: the large calorie (also known as the food, dietary, or kilogram calorie) and the small calorie (or gram calorie). The original definition of the large calorie was the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius (or one kelvin), while the small calorie was defined as the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one gram of water by the same amount. It’s worth noting that one large calorie is equivalent to 1000 small calories.

Does Domino’s pizza have calories?

In the case of Domino’s pizza, the calorie content per one slice. So, yes, Domino’s pizza does have calories and can be a significant source of caloric intake when consumed in large quantities. Keep in mind that other toppings may increase the number of calories in the pizza.

How many calories in a Domino’s pizza?

So, how many calories in a Domino’s pizza? As mentioned above, Domino’s Pizzas contains from 200 – 1140 calories. The calorie content of other menu items varies, so it’s important to check the nutritional information when ordering a pizza. Additionally, adding extra toppings can significantly increase the calorie count of your pizza slice.

The calorie counts in different types of Domino’s pizza

In different Domino’s pizzas types have the amount calories are as follows:

Calorie counts in different types of Domino’s pizza
Calorie counts in different types of Domino’s pizza

– Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza (1 slice): 270 Calories

– Brooklyn Style Cheese Pizza (1 slice): 290 Calories

– Thin Crust Veggie Pizza (1 slice): 260 Calories

– Gluten Free Crust Cheese Pizza (1 slice): 190 Calories

– Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Spinach and Feta (1 piece): 330 Calories

– Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta (1 bowl): 1140 Calories

Which ingredients have more calories in Domino’s pizzas?

The main ingredients in Domino’s Pizza that contributes the most to its calorie content are cheese, sauce and crust. The mozzarella cheese topping offers up 220 calories per 100 grams, while the pizza sauce is usually made with a combination of tomato paste and other seasonings; it may contain from 30-50 calories per one tablespoon. The crust also plays an important role in the overall calorie content of a pizza slice; for example, Domino’s Hand Tossed Crust contains 130 calories per slice.

Factors that affecting calorie counts in Domino’s pizza

That how many calories in a Domino’s pizza vary according to size, crust type and toppings. For example, a large cheese pizza with hand-tossed dough contains around 280 calories per slice. However, if you choose to use a different type of crust, such as thin or deep dish, the number of calories will be slightly higher than for the standard Hand Tossed crust. Additionally, adding toppings such as pepperoni, sausage or bacon can increase the calorie count significantly.

How to determine calorie counts in Domino’s pizza?

The best way to determine how many calories in a Domino’s pizza is to check the nutritional information on the restaurant’s website. All you need to do is select your desired menu items and click “View Nutrition Facts” for detailed information about calorie counts, fat, sodium and other nutrients. This can help you make an informed decision when ordering your favorite pizza.

Ways to reduce calories in Domino’s pizza

If you’re trying to reduce the calories in your pizza, there are a few simple steps you can take. For example, opt for thin-crust pizzas over thicker crusts and top them with vegetables instead of greasy meats or extra cheese. Additionally, cut your slices into smaller pieces so that you can enjoy more bites without overdoing it on calories.

Methods to reduce calories in Domino's pizza
Methods to reduce calories in Domino’s pizza

Tips for creating healthy and low-calorie Domino’s pizza

Here are a few tips for creating a healthy and low-calorie Domino’s pizza:

– Choose thin crust over thicker crusts

– Top your pizza with lots of vegetables

– Cut your slices into smaller pieces

– Avoid extra cheese or greasy meats as toppings

– Choose whole wheat dough for an additional nutritional boost.

Conclusion: How many calories in a Domino’s pizza

In conclusion, how many calories in a Domino’s pizza varies depending on the size, type of crust and toppings. The best way to determine the calorie count of your pizza is to check the nutritional information available on the restaurant’s website. To keep calories in check, opt for thin crust pizzas with lots of vegetables and cut your slices into smaller pieces. With a few simple changes, you can enjoy a delicious Domino’s pizza without compromising your nutrition goals.

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FAQ: calories in a Domino’s pizza

How many calories in a regular Domino’s pizza?

Discover the calorie count of a regular Domino’s pizza. Each slice extracted from a medium hand-tossed pie is approximately 200 to 290 calories.

How many calories are in a large Domino’s pizza?

The calorie count of a large Domino’s pizza: a whopping 2,280 calories. However, it’s important to note that this amount exceeds the recommended daily caloric intake for children, therefore, it’s not a suitable option for them.

Which Domino’s pizza has the least calories?

Discover the healthiest option on the Domino’s pizza menu without compromising the taste you love – the Thin Crust Veggie Pizza. With light cheese and only 135 calories per slice, this delicious pizza also boasts low levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

What has the most calories pizza at Dominos?

Discover the most caloric pizza at Dominos and indulge in a heavenly treat. Their new deep-dish pizza boasts a thick buttery base, two layers of cheese, pepperoni and toppings, making it lusciously filling. But be warned, with an enormous 2,420 calories and 130 grams of fat, this pie is not for the faint-hearted. Enjoy with caution.

Does Domino’s pizza have more calories than Pizza Hut pizza?

Additionally, for those interested in street food from India, we have information on its calorie content. Based on our analysis of the menus, Pizza Hut offers a healthier selection compared to Domino’s. However, Subway stands out as a healthy option with low-calorie items across their entire menu, when compared to these pizza giants.

Why is there so many calories in Domino’s pizza?

Indulging in a slice of Domino’s pizza could leave you questioning its high calorie count. The reason for this lies mainly in its ingredient list. The dough is primarily made from wheat flour, while the cheese, notorious for its high fat content, is a significant contributor to the calorie count. To make matters worse, the tomato sauce commonly used is laced with added sugar. Add toppings such as bacon and pepperoni, and the result is a calorie-dense pizza you may think twice about ordering again.

How many calories is 6 pieces of Domino’s pizza?

Discover the calorie count of 6 slices of Pepperoni Pizza from Domino’s. According to the Nutritional Summary, these slices contain a total of 1788 calories, broken down into 37% fat, 46% carbs, and 18% protein.

How many calories is a medium Domino’s pizza?

On average, medium Domino’s pizza ranges from 800 to 1000 calories, but this number can fluctuate based on your preferred crust and toppings. Stay informed and make conscious choices for your next pizza night.

What has more calories Domino’s pizza or KFC meal?

Discover which is the better option in terms of caloric intake: Domino’s pizza or KFC meal. In a recent eye-opening BBC documentary, takeaway enthusiasts were astounded to learn that a KFC meal contains less than 500 calories, whereas a single Domino’s pizza packs a whopping 1,900 calories – enough to make any health-conscious individual think twice before indulging.

How many calories is small Domino’s pizza?

Discover the calorie count of a small Domino’s pizza. For a traditional hand-tossed 10-inch pizza, the calorie count is 1,140. However, opting for a thin crust reduces the calorie count to 800 for the entire pizza. A single slice of regular cheese pizza contains approximately 190 calories.

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